Tattoo supplies that don't cost the Earth.

What will you do to change the world today?

We've all got our reasons for wanting to become more eco-conscious. What's yours?

@dillonforte // California, USA

“I’ve always strived to be as sustainable as possible, as our population increases so does our demand on resources. The technology is available to facilitate a future brighter than its ever been, however it requires a holistic world view and a willingness to act globally.”

@geehawkestattoo // Hove, UK

"I absolutely love tattooing and am so grateful to be able to have such an amazing job but on a daily basis I struggle with how plastic focused tattooing is! I hate throwing away so much product that contributes to the state of the world currently - I absolutely love what you guys are promoting and doing for the future of the planet and I’d love to be a part of it!"

@aaronanthonytattoo // London, UK

"I try to live my life in a way that reduces my impact on the planet by being vegan and eco conscious, so to be able to also apply that to my work by using products that are sustainable would be amazing... There is far too much waste in tattooing. The days of creating and using products that harm the planet and everything on it are soon to be a thing of the past. This is a big step in the right direction!"

@georgia_swale // Melbourne, Australia

"I have been looking for some sustainable supplies for a while, and found it really difficult! I love tattooing, and love the environment, so I am saddened every time I have to use plastic and throw it away, when I try so hard in my private life to be conscientious of how much plastic I use. I'm looking forward to the day I can be proud to say I'm a sustainable tattooist."

@rat666tat // Toronto, Canada

"I've been searching for eco-friendly supplies for months with little result. Would be great if my politics could align fully with my tattoo practice."

@trisha_x_tattoo // Antigua, Guatemala

"I want to be an eco-conscious tattoo artist because I care about the planet and I want to be part of the change. In nature's economy, currency is life."

@garbage.face // Oregon, USA

"The amount of plastic in this industry breaks my heart on a daily basis. I’ve very seriously considered giving it up so that I can better live my beliefs. But I love tattooing. The thought that I can keep working at my dream job without contributing to the plastic problem gives me hope." 

@theelysianheart // Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I try to live eco consciously & minimise plastic where possible in all aspects of my life, and I find that the tattoo industry is one of the biggest industries that make it hard to do so. To offer my studio as eco conscious and know that I am doing my part is something I aspire to do. I hope that this will inspire others to do so. Conscious living has a ripple affect and through sharing, and acting from this space I believe we can all make a huge difference. The earth and all living beings need us to change. The deepest thank you to you guys. So much gratitude." 

@javiernatarenotattoo // Antigua, Guatamala

"I want to be one of the artists that starts the change in this industry."

@selflessnarcist // Dortmund, Germany

"Because plastic is shit!"

@Christina_holier_than_thou // Manchester, UK

"We use sooooo much plastic! I’d love an alternative that doesn’t cause harm."

@thommesen_ink // Vienna, Austria

"Because it's (being eco-conscious) awesome."

@freyjatattoo //  Southwell, UK

"I love my job, however the business we are in is incredibly wasteful. Any way to reduce that is the way forward."

@bamorganictattoo // Guatemala

"This is exactly what the tattoo industry and the world needs! A way to do what we love without damaging our environment and at the same time using better materials for our own care. Remember, if we don't change, nothing is going to change!" 

@rdmskys // Nuremberg, Germany

"Because every little decision can help save the animals and the planet." 

@missfxskinfx // Brighton, UK

"I'm interested in environmental conservation." 

@gemverotattoo // Swindon, UK

"Working in the tattoo industry, I've found it really hard to avoid single use plastics and reduce my landfill waste at work though I recycle and cut back where possible. I was directed to your Instagram page by a fellow eco-conscious artist and I'm really keen to try your products, I'm hoping that with your ingenuity and help we can make some changes for the better and get the word out that there are alternatives to plastic!"

@solspectra // Colorado, USA

"I have searched for alternatives to plastic wrap for so long! It truly kills me how much waste we produce and has even been a reason for me to consider a career change. I am excited to finally see an option for eco friendly products!"

“I not only want to be more eco-conscious, I believe it is a must. Before we didn’t have alternatives, but now, luckily some amazing entrepreneurs are creating and researching for alternatives. I believe is our duty with Earth to take part on it, and we should promote and support people who does it. If we can provide quality products without compromise health and safety is worth any extra penny, as at the end we all are making profit without thinking what is the real cost long term. We are heading a non return path and we have to act now, every single step counts. I cannot be more excited with the project of Green House Tattoo Supplies."

@monabellatattoo // London, UK

"I have been a vegetarian and animal lover my entire life and became vegan around a year ago. I'm currently an apprentice and I love tattooing, but the amount of plastic waste we create in the industry is not acceptable. I've been hoping to find some more eco friendly materials but until now haven't had a lot of luck. The environment is very important to me and inspires so much of my art so I am so excited to be able to create that art without contributing to the plastic problem!"

@ghostandbone // Grantham, UK

"When I was 14, I chose not to get my driver's license so that I may have less of a carbon footprint. 24 years later, I'm a first year tattoo artist, and make the joke that I saved up my waste quota for this trade. I love tattooing, and I am acutely aware of the need to manage health and safety for myself and my clients, all the while feeling sadness at the waste I am producing. Tattooing is my life, and if I can help reduce the negative impact on our world, and continue to live my passion, then the joy and satisfaction that comes from that is indescribable. Thank you for your time and efforts."

@Thehopefulcanadian // Alberta, Canada

"I have been vegan for 17 years, and own a fully vegan studio, using renewable energy, eco cleaning products and biodegradable plastic alternatives where possible. I’m excited to see a company who intend to replace many of the remaining problematic elements of ethical tattooing."

@tattoo_tom // Bournemouth, UK

"It’s a no brainer! The less mess we can make the better it is for everybody! I think tattooing and piercing is and has been quite a wasteful industry. Anything we can do to make it have less of an impact on the environment is a must. It’s rad to see a company grab that challenge by the neck and I can’t wait to see what greenhouse tattoo supplies comes up with!"

@blean__ // Leeds, UK

"Anything I can do to better the planet! I already recycle all of my non contaminated plastic supplies, so really excited to hear about this! Tattoo supplies produce soooooo much plastics from disposables."

@mirandawolfetattoos // Alberta, Canada

"I hate what we as humans are doing to this planet. I’m an avid recycler and I really try not to waste and consume less products in plastic but I know I can do more. My studio is disposal only which means a lot of plastic packaging. I’m interested to see what eco friendly products you have to offer and hopefully st an affordable price too."

@stefflapsleytattoos // Glasgow, UK

"I care about the environment, and any changes people can make to reduce damage to our planet can only be positive. Most of my designs are animal related. Animals and tattooing are my passion. So I should really do all I can to sustain a future for both of them."

@josephmorleytattooflash // Chelmsford, UK

"I’m always open to innovative alternatives, especially when they are environmentally conscious! I believe in doing the best you possibly can while you’re on this green earth, and taking that correct path to a better life for all... and these supplies show the right step in that direction. I’m wicked excited to try these products in the near future!"

@the_j_a_d_e // New York, USA