Our Eco Equipment Coverings and Packaging

All of our equipment coverings and packaging are made from nature and designed to return to nature.

The material used to make our equipment coverings and packaging is part of a broad family of innovative bioplastics that have very similar characteristics to traditional plastics, but unlike traditional plastics, are both fully biodegradable and compostable.

The bioplastic we use has actually been around for twenty years, but it is only in the last few years that it’s popularity has begun to take off. This is owing to the fact that more and more people are becoming conscious of the effects of climate change and pollution, and consumers are demanding alternatives to plastic.

The material is made using components of vegetable origin and biodegradable polymers. It is always derived from renewable resources that can be grown and harvested in a single season, providing a sustainable material with low environmental impact. Corn starch is one of the most common crops used; grown in Europe with traditional agricultural practices. Deforested land or virgin soils are never exploited, and they are not genetically modified.

At the end of it’s life-cycle this bioplastic, together with other organic waste, can be converted into compost, which is an excellent soil fertiliser. This is a material that comes from nature and is designed to return to the Earth, with no release of polluting substances - a true closed-loop.

Test data also confirms that this material will biodegrade in nature in a relatively short space of time, even in a marine environment, unlike most other materials. Such properties of a material, cannot be used as an excuse to dump our waste into the environment, but there is a chance your waste could end up there, so the soil and marine biodegradation properties of our equipment coverings, are interesting and important to note.

Environmental features

  • Made from plants - not made from oil
  • Certified as home and industrially compostable
  • Sustainable - made from 100% annually renewable sources
  • No genetically modified (GM) materials used
  • Biodegradable in nature and marine environments
  • Zero waste / plastic free packaging that is 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Manufactured in the UK by a bioplastic specialist
  • Stored and distributed by a green fulfilment company

Other features

    • Green tint to easily distinguish from regular non-eco products
    • At the moment, our equipment covering range includes clipcord sleeves, machine / power supply bags, bottle bags, workstation / armrest covers, and 3 sizes of bed cover.

    End-of-life options

    End-of-life options will differ depending on the specific tattoo waste management regulations of your local area, and also the facilities available, so it is important to do your own research into this. We have tried our best to be as informative as possible about our products, so please do read our guides thoroughly so you can understand the materials your products are made of, what properties they have, and what your options are when it comes to disposal.

    However, where you live dictates how you must dispose of your waste, so it’s important to remember that even if your ink caps or equipment coverings end up in landfill, they are still better in every way than their traditional fossil-fuel based plastics alternatives.

    End-of-life options for your equipment coverings, and all of our products packaging include;

    • Industrial composting
    • Home composting
    • Incineration

    Equipment coverings and packaging manufacturer

    Our equipment coverings and packaging are manufactured by a bioplastic specialist in the UK, in Bradford in West Yorkshire.

    They have a strong interest in environmental concerns and their environmental policies are;

    • Save waste by supporting biodegradable
    • Save transport by supporting local suppliers
    • Save environment by supporting UK manufacturer
    • Save Earth’s resources by supporting sustainable features

    “We all know by now, that polythene (plastic) bags can take hundreds of years to degrade, that our landfill sites are overflowing and that our environment needs our help. We believe that we can all make a small change to protect our planet when we use bioplastics.”

    Another environmental credential of our products is that they are all manufactured in the UK, and are produced using just two manufacturers, and two materials. The same manufacturers also pack our products, avoiding even more greenhouse gas emissions by being transported to a separate packing facility. We wanted to reduce the amount of different companies, systems, transportation etc we used, in order to simplify the process and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. If everything is manufactured and packed in just two factories, using two materials, then the journeys that the products have to make from source to completion are reduced to a minimum.

    By manufacturing in the UK, we are supporting the UK manufacturing industry and ensuring fair wages for all workers. We can also guarantee the eco credentials of the materials, manufacturers, and products.

    Material Certifications

    • European standard EN13432 certification (OK compost INDUSTRIAL / OK compost HOME)
    • Seedling certification (European standard EN13432 / Australian Standard AS 4736)
    • American Standard ASTM 6400 (as industrially compostable)
    • Italian certification CIC
    • OK biodegradable SOIL

    “The challenge of our millennium is in the balance between the technical means that humanity possesses and the wisdom in how we will make use of them”

    - Umberto Colombo

    I am just a tattoo artist, not a scientist, and this is written from my own research. I hope you found it helpful!