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Freshly Ground Ink, Leamington Spa UK

"Chris and I opened Freshly Ground Ink in November 2019. We wanted a creative space with an inviting and chilled atmosphere. 

Our love for board sports and it’s lifestyle has really opened our eyes to the nature surrounding us and just how beautiful it is. Over the last couple of years we’ve made small changes and try our best to be more and more eco conscious. Simple things like refusing to use plastic bags, buying bars of soaps rather than shower gels in plastic bottles etc. 

It’s so easy to be lazy and not consider what you’re buying and the harm it can cause to the planet. But it’s also so easy to just try and make small changes. 

So when we opened Freshly Ground Ink, using Green House Tattoo Supplies was a no brainer. Lucy has such a brilliant vision and slots in with our love for nature. The supplies we have used so far have been ace and we’re so excited to use more and be a part of such an awesome cause."

- Bex Huh, Owner and Tattoo Artist @ Freshly Ground Ink

Eco Tattoo Artists at Freshly Ground Ink


Bex @bexhuhtattoo

Stix @stix_millone_tattoo



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Bex @bexhuhtattoo

Stix @stix_millone_tattoo