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The Climate Crisis

The Climate Crisis is an emergency, but we're not acting like it!

If we don’t act now to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and work to change all of the things that are contributing to the climate crisis, it will only get worse.

The last four years have been the warmest on record and last July (2019) was the hottest month on record for the planet, according to the U.S. agency NOAA. Then last August, the following month, Iceland lost it’s first glacier to climate change. Icelanders held a funeral for the glacier ‘Okjokull,’ and placed a memorial monument at the site.

Increasing average temperature does more than just melt polar ice. With each fraction of a degree of warming, more energy from heat is built up in the atmosphere, which is then dispersed by bigger and even more destructive weather events.

Our hotter planet is already hurting millions of people and animals, and we are causing irreparable damage. We face the very real possibility of mass extinction, famine, droughts, floods, wildfires, and the spread of infectious diseases, on an unprecedented global scale.

Climate scientists warn that we only have until 2030, that’s just 10 years, to prevent temperature increases from exceeding 1.5°C. However, right now we are currently on track for at least 2-3°C of warming.

If the temperature rises by even 2°C, then the results will be catastrophic for the planet. 2°C of warming is just half a degree over the 1.5°C ‘safe’ limit scientists are suggesting, so the results if we exceed this will be even more devastating and irreversible.

Scientists say that the levels of warming will only continue to increase unless fossil fuel emissions are drastically reduced.

We need to think outside the box and change a system that’s not working or sustainable, before it’s too late.