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Green Fulfilment

We are proud of our green storage, packaging and shipping!

With the help of our world-leading green fulfilment partners we are able to store, package and deliver all of our products around the world in the most environmentally conscious way possible. This includes plastic-free, sustainable packaging, a reduction in energy consumption and an offset of CO2 emissions.

We're also able to process all orders quickly and efficiently - on average orders are processed and dispatched within 64 minutes of checkout!

Read more about our green order fulfilment partners below.

Our Green Fulfilment Parters

The harmful impacts of eCommerce, such as plastic waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are driving a major change in consumer behaviour. Our fulfilment partners are committed to meeting this challenge head on and provide sustainable ecommerce logistics solutions.

Their wide-ranging initiatives include providing 100% plastic-free shipping with their biodegradable packaging alternatives, investment in renewables, a zero waste policy, and a unique stock model and low-emission carriers that enable their customers to reduce and offset the carbon footprint of parcel delivery.

Lorax Project

“As a responsible business and employer, it is not acceptable to sacrifice our environment in the pursuit of growth. Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. We’re very confident that the Lorax Project will deliver huge benefits to our company, customers and, of course, the planet. We are putting sustainability first and central to our future." 

 Our fulfilment partners are endeavouring to become the world’s first fully sustainable fulfilment provider with their Lorax Project. By placing sustainability first and central to their future they aim to create a shift-change in the way that online retailers, service providers and consumers view their responsibilities to the environment. 

There are severeal key initiatives across which environmental and sustainability progress is tracked; Energy Consumption, Waste Management, Low Emission Delivery, The Community and Biodegradable Packaging.

 Energy Consumption

Our fulfilment partners are committed to reducing their energy consumption wherever possible, investing in low consumption heating and lighting across their growing network of locations.

All of their warehouses are 100% LED-lit and powered from 100% renewable energy - reducing their electricity consumption by 50%. This has enabled them to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, saving 176 tonnes in CO2 emissions - the equivalent weight of 29 elephants! 

176 tonne saving in CO2 emissions - the equivalent weight of 29 elephants!

 Waste Management

Mobile picking devices, waste management and recycling initiatives digitise all internal processes to minimise the use of paper, board and other consumables from our fulfilment partners network of offices and centres. 

“We are well on our way with implementing new effective waste management techniques, installing energy efficient lighting in all our warehouses, introducing green tech and always encouraging our customers to be more sustainable.”

 Low Emission, Electric & Solar-Powered Delivery

Our fulfilment partners integrated carriers consist of the most sustainable providers and combine to form the largest solar-powered, all-electric delivery fleet in the UK. This enables them to make clean, emission-free shipping a reality to their customers. They provide these sustainable delivery options across their network of centres for super competitive prices.

“The objectives of the Lorax Project are staged and measurable, but success will ultimately be a shift-change in attitude to how retailers, service providers and consumers view the world."

 Crowd Communities

The Lorax team help incorporate sustainability into all working practices, empowering people to offset their carbon footprint and reduce waste wherever possible. Some of their community initiatives include EV charging stations, a car-sharing system, home-working, social events like Vegan Wednesdays and a tree planting scheme.

“Our dedicated Lorax community group have been fuelling our productivity by introducing Vegan Wednesdays to our office staff to encourage them to eat at least one plant-based meal a week whilst raising money for the Woodland Trust to protect existing carbon.”

 Biodegradable Packaging

Our fulfilment partners are working to eliminate all plastic consumption from the fulfilment process by 2021, offering sustainable alternatives to all current packaging products. Their environmentally-friendly materials include biodegradable mailers and pallet wrap, recyclable boxes, sustainable void fill and more.

Their eco-conscious alternatives to traditional poly mailers alone have the potential to save a total of 12 tonnes of plastic waste per year from landfill sites all over the world.

12 tonnes of plastic waste per year saved from landfill sites all over the world.