We’ve had a lot of the same questions asked, so we’ve compiled the most common below. There's also more in depth information about our products and the environment on the blog section of this website, and also our social media. Please get in touch if you’d like to know anything else, and if you don’t already, give us a follow on Instagram!

What products will you have?

The initial range we will be launching includes ink caps, clip-cord sleeves, machine bags, bottles bags, workstation/armrest covers, and 3 different size bed covers - ¼ , ½  and full. We have plans for other products in the near future too. We are also currently developing and writing an eco-toolkit to assist other tattoo artists and studios in becoming more eco-conscious themselves.

What are your products made of ?

The material used to make our ink caps is PLA (polylactic acid) - a unique biobased material that comes from plants instead of fossil-fuels, known as a biopolymer. The material is inspired by nature and the process of making it starts by using greenhouse gases, like atmospheric carbon, as a feedstock (raw material). Nature does this all the time, it’s what plants, entire forests, and even huge structures like coral reefs are built from.

The material used to make our equipment coverings and packaging is part of a broad family of innovative bioplastics that have very similar characteristics to traditional plastics, but unlike traditional plastics, are both fully biodegradable and compostable. The material is made using components of vegetable origin and biodegradable polymers. It is always derived from renewable resources that can be grown and harvested in a single season, providing a sustainable material with low environmental impact.

Where and when can I buy them?

We will release information about this soon. Due to such an overwhelming interest in our products, it's taking a little longer to establish the final details. We are working to make this happen as soon as we can!

How much will they be?

Prices will range from £7.50 - £15.00*. We have aimed to keep our products as competitively priced a possible, in comparison to their cheaper, fossil-fuel based alternatives. However, biobased plastics are currently more expensive to manufacture, and we have also produced all of our products in the UK, paying fair wages to all of our workers.

Our supplies might be a little more expensive than the ones you currently use, but at least they don’t cost the Earth.

Will you offer international shipping?

Yes, we are working on it!


*prices subject to change