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Our Manufacturing Process & Partners

Our Manufacturing Process

All of our products and packaging are manufactured in the UK, using just two manufacturing partners and two materials. The same manufacturers also pack our products, avoiding even more greenhouse gas emissions by being transported to a separate packing facility.

Unlike many traditional tattoo supplies which are often manufactured cheaply and unethically in countries like China, all of our products and packaging are made here in the UK. We use just two green manufacturers who specialise in bioplastics and we ensure fair wages to all of our workers.

We aimed to reduce the amount of different companies, systems, transportations etc we used in order to simplify the process, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. If everything is manufactured and packed in just two factories, using two materials, then the journeys that the products have to make from source to completion are reduced to a minimum, reducing the overall carbon footprint of our products and your tattooing.

By manufacturing in the UK we are supporting the UK manufacturing industry and ensuring fair wages for all workers, plus we can also confidently promise you that every stage of manufacturing is in line with the high environmental standards and ethics that you expect from us!



Our Manufacturing Partners

Our ink caps are manufactured in the UK in Daventry, Northamptonshire, by an environmentally conscious company that have a strong ethos on sustainability, and an eco-friendly approach to production.

Our manufacturing partner who produces our ink caps are committed to reducing their environmental impact and they have been working on a set of ‘green’ measures;

* They have solar panels installed to generate electricity to help power the factory

* They utilise as much scrap and waste materials from the manufacturing processes as they can, by recycling it into other products

* They also recycle the waste from the tooling process, including card, paper and metal

* In-house recycling scheme that is followed by all workers

* In 2018 they replaced all of their lighting with LED to save energy

 “Environmental responsibility is very important to us and to our clients. This is why we proudly offer our environmentally friendly options when working with companies to develop their unique products.

 We go the extra mile to provide an environmentally positive approach to manufacturing products. Our eco-friendly practices allow us to assist companies that are consistently looking for ways to improve their green policies and become more environmentally responsible.

The ban on single use plastic bags and straws shows how the plastics industry needs to improve and develop ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We believe with these policies in place we are leading the way for other companies to follow suit.”

- Rowan Wilson GCP

Our equipment coverings and packaging are manufactured by a bioplastic specialist in the UK, in Bradford in West Yorkshire.

Our manufacturing partner who produces our equipment covers and packaging have a strong interest in environmental concerns. They do not source and buy from other countries, do not employ merchants, and do not ship in containers from the Far East.

Their environmental policies are;

* Save waste by supporting biodegradable

* Save transport by supporting local suppliers

* Save environment by supporting UK manufacturers

* Save Earth’s resources by supporting sustainable features

 “We all know by now, that polythene (plastic) bags can take hundreds of years to degrade, that our landfill sites are overflowing and that our environment needs our help. We believe that we can all make a small change to protect our planet when we use bioplastics.”