*** We now plant one tree for every order with Ecologi ***

Environmental Benefits & Certifications Of Our Products

Environmental benefits of our products and packaging;

* Keep fossil-fuels in the ground - our materials are made from plants instead of oil

* Plant-based - our materials come from nature and are certified as compostable

* Sustainable - our materials are produced from annually renewable resources

* GM free - no genetically modified contents are used to make our materials

* All Green Everything! - our materials are light green so you can easily distinguish our eco supplies from regular plastic tattoo supplies

* Plastic-free packaging - all of our packaging is plant-based and certified as compostable too

* Zero-waste packaging - our products come in eco refill packs so there is no pointless single-use packaging in sight! 

* Green manufacturing - our products are manufactured and packed in the UK by two green manufacturers who specialise in bioplastics

* Low product mileage & no air miles - manufacturing and packing of our products is structured to keep product mileage to a minimum before travelling to you

* Green fulfilment - a green logistics company stores, packages and delivers the products around the world


Environmental Certifications

Our products carry many environmental certifications from around the world.

The materials we use to make all of our products and packaging carry several environmental certifications, these are basically the legal certificates that backup all of our claims about our materials.

Some of these certifications detail requirements for biodegradability and compostability. They apply to all components, inks and additives, however they obviously do not take into account any regulations regarding tattoo waste.

The material used to make our ink caps is certified as industrially compostable. The material used to make our equipment covers & packaging is certified as both home and industrially compostable. 

Some of the most important certifications our materials carry are those detailing compostability as listed below;
EN13432 (Europe) / ASTM6400 (USA) / AS4736 (Australia) / GreenPLA (Japan)

Compostability is a characteristic of a material that allows it to biodegrade under certain conditions (e.g. time frame, temperature), and break down completely without harming the environment. If something is considered a compostable material, it is capable of decomposing back into natural elements within a matter of months, as long as the specific conditions are present. 

Even though many of us may not be able to compost our tattoo waste just yet, the compostability certifications are still really important because to be certified as compostable a material must be 100% organic matter. In other words, if something is certified as compostable, that also means that it is an entirely natural material (plant-based) and does not contain any other toxic materials (plastic-free).

Additional Certifications

In addition to the above, our materials carry other certifications as well, such as those that detail ethical production and sustainability.

 The materials we use to make our equipment covers and packaging also carry the following certifications; Compostable CIC, OK biodegradable SOIL, OK biodegradable MARINE, and eLabel! certification for environmental performance.

The materials we use to make our ink caps also carry the following certifications; No Genetic Material Certification by Genescan, Biobased Carbon Content Certification according to ASTM D6866 (USDA BioPreferred - USA and Vinçotte OK Biobased - Europe), International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), and Working Landscape Certificates (WLC) from the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP).