*** We now plant one tree for every order with Ecologi ***

Mission, Values & Ethics


Our mission is to help create a more sustainable future for the tattoo industry to help save the planet. 

'We put the planet first & saving it is at the heart of everything we do.'

Green House Tattoo Supplies is an ethical company and we pride ourselves on our values.

We are tattooist founded, owned, operated and funded. There are no investors, no middle men, and no bullshit. We are honest, responsible & transparent.

Most importantly of all, we never green wash anything we do! We work to provide as much information and education about what we are doing to back up our claims and help you understand what we are talking about.



‘The Bare Necessities’

‘The Bare Necessities’ is one of our main mottos. To us, this means everything has been stripped back to the absolute essentials, helping reduce waste and environmental impact as much as possible. This encompasses everything we do, from the way the business operates, to the way we host or attend events, to the things we create and who we work with.

It also means that if there’s already an eco alternative out there, then we probably won’t make it! For example, lots of artists have asked for things like wash cups or paper towels, but there’s already enough eco products out there for things like this so it’s not necessary for us to make more. We work to educate and provide information about existing eco alternatives as part of our Eco-Tattooing Toolkit instead.



New Ideas & System Change

Current systems have clearly failed us. If we want to help save the planet and create a more sustainable tattoo industry, then we must think outside the box and look for new ideas, before it’s too late.

At Green House Tattoo Supplies we are committed to finding solutions, and we see the introduction of new products and materials like these as opportunities to reconsider the entire system.

We are currently researching alternative end-of-life options for tattoo waste, working with specialists, and focusing our attention on more efficient use and recovery of resources.

There are no perfect solutions to an imperfect system, but there’s room for vast improvements from where we are today.