Our Story

Adam Willett Lucy Frost Co-founders Green House Tattoo Supplies

We are two East London based tattoo artists, Lucy Frost and Adam Willett, and we established Green House Tattoo Supplies at the start of 2018. We had begun the year with plans to open one of the world’s first eco-conscious tattoo studios - Dark House Tattoo Co - researching and developing more eco-conscious alternative practices and products in order to do so.

However, we soon found that there were simply no eco-alternatives available for some of the more industry-specific tattoo supplies that are used by tattoo artists during almost every tattoo. For example, ink caps and clip-cord sleeves, which are traditionally made from fossil-fuel based plastics.

"We wondered why someone hadn't done anything about this yet, but then we realised we were someone."

We quickly realised that in order to make our dream of an eco-conscious tattoo studio a reality, we would have to develop our own range of eco-conscious tattoo supplies. As a result, Green House Tattoo Supplies was born, to create the world’s first plastic-alternative, plant-based tattoo supplies!

Since then, we have been working hard researching, developing and testing many different products and, after a short manufacturing delay, expect a release date in February 2019.

But that’s not all… we are really passionate about raising awareness of the environmental impacts of tattooing and encouraging much-needed changes within the industry. So we are proud to announce the Eco-Toolkit we are working on, which will be available later this year, for FREE, in the form of a downloadable PDF booklet. The toolkit will offer lots of guidance and advice to help other tattoo studios and tattoo artists become more eco-conscious themselves. This will cover everything from tattoo specific supplies to cleaning products to managing your waste and recycling effectively.

In the mean time you can check out our blog for more info about our products and the environment.

“We think that it’s really important to share our findings when it comes to ways in which we can become more eco-conscious tattoo studios and artists, because what is the point in figuring out how to help save the planet and not telling anyone else?!”

- Lucy Frost & Adam Willett, Co-founders Green House Tattoo Supplies