Our Story

“I eat a plant based diet, I gave up driving a car, I live a minimalist lifestyle and avoid buying things I don’t need. I do my best to live as eco-consciously as possible and my environmental values were close to out weighing my love for tattooing.

I never set out to be a tattoo artist, but tattooing found me whilst living in Guatemala during 2014. I was studying graphic design at the time, but then I picked up a tattoo machine and I fell in love instantly! When I got back to London I risked everything, dropped out of uni half way through the last year to tattoo full time, and haven’t looked back since...

I started tattooing in a pretty remote place where it wasn’t always easy to get what we needed, so I’ve always been conscious of the supplies I’m using. When I started working back in London, I was shocked at the amount of waste created in tattoo studios everyday!

I love tattooing and I’m also a little environmentalist at heart, so I dreamt of opening an eco-conscious tattoo studio. When I realised there were no eco alternatives available for so many of the products I had to use everyday to tattoo, I set out on a mission to find some. And that is where Green House Tattoo Supplies was born. That was at the start of 2018 and I have been working hard developing the business and products ever since!”

With love and good vibes from Lucy x

- Founder and creator of Green House Tattoo Supplies


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