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Eco-Tattooing Info Leaflet

Our eco-tattooing info leaflet is one of the first things that we have made as part of our eco-tattooing toolkit and it is designed to help tattoo artists in their transition towards more sustainable tattooing.

Download Now! 

Check out our Eco-Tattooing Info Leaflet to learn more about Green House, the climate crisis, and of course our products, materials and end-of-life options! 

This digital version of our Eco-Tattooing Info Leaflet is best viewed on your mobile device, but you can also download a printable version below. 

As we continue working to raise awareness of the problems as well as possible solutions, we will continue to add to our eco-tattooing toolkit. We are working to provide lots of useful information for you all in as many different formats as we can (we all have different ways of learning!) including leaflets, infographics, videos, blog posts, and more!

We hope that you'll find this leaflet and the rest of our Eco-Tattooing Toolkit helpful in your transition towards more sustainable tattooing.


Printable Version

Print and make your very own 8 page Eco-Tattooing Info Leaflet using just one piece of A4 paper!

Simply use the infographic above as a guide and follow the instructions below;

1. Download the printable version of our Eco-Tattooing Info Leaflet here.

2. Print the leaflet double sided on A4 - make sure the front and back are the right way around using the infographic above. Think about what paper stock you're using too - why not print on eco-conscious kraft or recycled paper!

3. Cut along dotted horizontal line.

4. Fold together and enjoy your very own handmade 8 page Eco-Tattooing Info Leaflet!



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