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Green House Friday!

Green House Friday - save up to 40%
"80% of products bought at Black Friday end up in landfill, are incinerated, or are recycled poorly." - Green Alliance⁠

⁠The frenzy of Black Friday is intense and it can be pretty impossible to avoid. All the bargains might be tempting, but such a massive spike in consumerism is bound to have an impact on the planet. ⁠

Black Friday creates increased carbon emissions from deliveries and excess packaging, it also creates excess waste which damages the environment.⁠

When you’re being bombarded with offers it's easy to be tempted into buying things you don't really need. That can mean buying surplus stuff, simply because we think we’re getting a good deal. In fact, regretting purchases made on Black Friday is a common experience.

 Unnecessary, unwanted purchases lead to more waste. Everything that went into manufacturing an unused item is wasted, and the unwanted item itself is also waste. 

⁠This year, try stepping away from the marketing madness and asking yourself what you really need and what you will actually use.⁠

Whether you’re buying gifts or stocking up on essentials for yourself, Green House Tattoo Supplies products won't cost the Earth, and they won’t create more waste either. All of our products and packaging are sustainably sourced and manufactured by bioplastics specialists, plus tattooists will always need tattoo supplies!⁠ 

Choosing our range of plant-based, plastic-free and sustainable tattoo supplies will help reduce the environmental impact of your tattooing.

Forget Black Friday and help save the planet (and your pounds) with Green House Friday instead.

Every product is on sale with discounts of up to 40% off. Stock up now, or treat your favourite artist, at these amazing prices!