*** We now plant one tree for every order with Ecologi ***

Launch Update


The wait is almost over!

Hey Eco-Tattooers!

You’ll be pleased to know that everything is now set up ready to take orders and the day you’ve all been waiting for is almost here! Unfortunately, whilst testing the site, we discovered a programming issue with our fulfilment system and it’s taking a little time to figure out.

In a nutshell - the programming that integrates our business with our fulfilment partners is not calculating the VAT for different locations correctly. Due to Brexit, VAT regulations on exported goods has recently changed, and as we offer worldwide shipping. we have to wait until this is rectified before making any sales.

I've been working closely with our fulfilment partners over the last couple of weeks to resolve the issue. I'm not entirely sure how much longer the fix is going to take, but as soon as I've got a more definitive time-scale I’ll be announcing our launch date!

Everything is ready to go once this technical issue is sorted and I’m working to get it resolved as quickly as I can. Thank you for your all your patience, it really won’t be too much longer now I promise!

Love Lucy


- Founder/Creator of Green House Tattoo Supplies