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New & Improved Ink Cap Packaging

Green packs of ink caps in boxes with labels on.
Medium and large ink caps have been out of stock whilst we improved the packaging, following recent customer feedback.

Our ink caps are our most popular product. They are also our most tricky to manufacture and pack!

As you may remember, we recently redesigned the entire production process and tooling for our ink caps in order to increase efficiency and keep up with demand.⁠

This has been a huge success and we are now able to produce more ink caps, much more quickly, whilst still meeting the high eco standards you expect from us.⁠

However, we are again currently out of stock of medium and large ink caps on our website as we’ve been making some improvements to the packaging, following recent customer feedback.⁠

A small number of you unfortunately received orders where the ink cap packaging had been damaged during transit, the hard ink caps having pierced or torn the bags. So we had to improve them of course!⁠ We’ve completed this as fast as possible to get ink caps back on the shelves asap.

We’re still using the same material as we always have for our packaging, but our new ink cap bags are now a lot stronger and much more resistant to damage from the contents.

The new, stronger packaging bags will also be better suited to those of you who don’t store your ink caps in reusable containers after purchase.

The colour of the new bags may vary initially and could be a slightly darker shade of green than you are used to, but rest assured it is exactly the same material, with all the same eco-credentials as always.

The initial batch will also not be printed with our logo because of time constraints, but are still manufactured by us in our facilities.

We are currently packing the new bags as quickly as we can to get the store restocked with all sizes of ink caps.⁠ We’re expecting them to be available online in a couple of weeks.

Keep your eyes out for an email from us, or on our social media, for stock updates.⁠

We also have some more exciting developments to share with you very soon so stay tuned...