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Green House Tattoo Supplies clipcord sleeves plant based plastic free
Green House Tattoo Supplies plant based plastic free

Eco Clipcord Sleeves

Green House Tattoo Supplies
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Let us introduce you to our eco-conscious clipcord sleeves! Like all of our products, they are 100% plant-based and 100% plastic-free.

Our clipcord sleeeves measure 110mm x 800mm and come in a handy refill pack of 100, which can easily be dispensed and stored in your own reusable container.

Due to differences and limitations in the manufacturing process, our clipcord sleeves are slightly wider than traditional ones, but following testing and feedback most artists found this an improvement. This is because the extra width means that more types of machines will fit in the sleeve, eliminating the need for a machine bag too, which saves resources, time and money! The extra width also makes it easier to feed the equipment into it without tearing or damaging the material. 

All of our equipment coverings feature a light green tint and their environmental certifications are printed on the material, making it easy to distinguish them from regular plastic products.


Environmental benefits of our products and packaging;

Keep fossil-fuels in the ground - our materials are made from plants instead of oil

Plant-based - our materials come from nature and are certified as compostable

Sustainable - our materials are produced from annually renewable resources

GM free - no genetically modified contents are used to make our materials

All Green Everything! - our materials are light green so you can easily distinguish our eco supplies from regular plastic tattoo supplies

Plastic-free packaging - all of our packaging is plant-based and certified as compostable too

* Zero-waste packaging - our products come in eco refill packs so there is no pointless single-use packaging in sight! 

Green manufacturing - our products are manufactured and packed in the UK by two green manufacturers who specialise in bioplastics

Low product mileage & no air miles - manufacturing and packing of our products is structured to keep product mileage to a minimum before travelling to you

Green fulfilment - a green logistics company stores, packages and delivers the products around the world


Traditional plastics are made from oil, but ours are made from plants so they help keep fossil fuels in the ground!

The material used to make our equipment coverings and packaging is part of a broad family of innovative bioplastics that comes from plants instead of fossil-fuels, but still has very similar characteristics to traditional plastics.

The materials we use come from nature and are designed to return to the Earth with no release of polluting substances - a true closed-loop. The process of making these materials is inspired by nature and it starts by using greenhouse gases, like atmospheric carbon as a feedstock. Nature does this all the time, it’s what plants, entire forests, and even huge structures like coral reefs are built from.

All of our products and packaging are made from sustainable plants like cassava, corn starch, sugar cane, or beets, whereas traditional plastics are made from oil. The feedstock (raw material) used is always derived from renewable resources that can be grown and harvested in a single season, providing a sustainable material with low environmental impact.



Our equipment coverings and packaging are manufactured by a bioplastic specialist in the UK, in Bradford in West Yorkshire.

Read more about our manufacturing partners here.


End-Of-Life Options

End-of-life options are confusing, but remember - our products are always better than traditional plastics, no matter where they end up after use. This is because some of the huge environmental advantages start at the very beginning. One of the most important is that they help to keep fossil fuels in the ground because they are made from plants not oil.

The biggest problem with moving to more eco-conscious ways of managing the waste generated by tattooing, is that contaminated waste must be disposed of safely, and in some places there are laws that must be followed regarding this. 

Your best end-of-life option will depend on where you are because there are so many different regulations for tattoo waste around the world, as well as differences in available facilities, so it is important to do your own research into this. We have tried our best to be as informative as possible about our products, so please do read the information we provide on this website thoroughly so you can understand the materials and what your options are when it comes to disposal.

Read more about end-of-life options for our products here.


Environmental Certifications

  • EN13432 (Europe)
  • ASTM6400 (USA)
  • AS4736 (Australia)
  • GreenPLA (Japan)
  • Compostable CIC
  • OK biodegradable SOIL
  • OK biodegradable MARINE
  • eLabel! certification for environmental performance

Read more about environmental certifications for our materials here.


Storage instructions

Our products come in handy plastic-free, zero-waste eco-refill packs and are designed to be stored in your favourite glass jar or other reusable container! They can also be kept in the eco-refill bags if you prefer.

Check out some handy how-to videos about how to unpack and store our products on our IGTV, including how to make your own dispenser jar for our clipcord sleeves! 

Make sure to store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.